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[04 Feb 2004|04:32pm]
New Lj get at me to be added:)
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I aint scared of no nigga, I aint scared of no bitch, I aint scared of nobody in yo muthfuckin click [31 Jan 2004|08:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Happy Birthday xJonX!!!!

Just got home from Tampa missed out on a good show oh well there will be more. Bush Gardens was oh so cold, like 30 degrees. Nice ride though. Great family time.. Long drive.

I know what I am and finding out who I am.
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[22 Jan 2004|10:14pm]
Went to the show with Mike and Brad oh so much fun. Good times. Got a 100 on my CPR test oh yeah thats right! Brad is so funny.. Im an instigator(sp) hahaha. Nice dancing going on. John H made a good cd for me:) more nice times coming my way. thanks!
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and now its fallen and out with [18 Jan 2004|11:44am]
[ mood | calm ]

It's so funny to see thing flip into a huge circle again. It's all build upon a lie as well. We learn to move on as people and forget about the bad past and move on with a better future. The use one person can give to another. towards the falling out it makes you wonder if they even like having you as a part. Well things are going pretty fucking good! Hanging out with Brad some lately. Good person to get advice from and talk to. Going to the show wednesday pretty happy about that. Brad and I had a talk about lots of things. Hopefully Jon and him will get the band going soon. Jon has kept my head along with some others. thank you. I got a new car damn right. Shits so hoTT. Fucking get off it and move on. rock it like the xgatx does..hehehe

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[16 Jan 2004|07:54pm]
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You'll be leaving for the winter... [26 Dec 2003|10:21pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Good christmas. Got some shoes, clothes, money, and other stuff. Talked to a couple of people can't wait to see Harm. I went to work 2 hours late today...lol I woke up at 12:49 and was suppose to be there at 11:15 yikes. I'm not fired yet so I guess that's good. Not alot going on listening to new music. Trying to figure some things out. I have been on a bad defense level. I'm so moody...Damn damn. I'm going to Miss TRISH she leaves in the am. good luck to her. hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Night all.

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downtown [21 Dec 2003|05:36pm]

I hate this city

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lets talk [15 Dec 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hated by Many

so finally things are where I guess they have to be thats fine. I'll move on with my life. Good shows coming up. Gonna see Harmony soon yay! did some christmas shopping today. oh man oh man.. Trish and I will be hittin up some shows mos def...

"I know your situation, I'll make a donation"
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[13 Dec 2003|11:44pm]
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[13 Dec 2003|09:09pm]
one more thing its funny how comments are left and then deleted but hey there emailed to me....
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Just let ends meet.. [13 Dec 2003|08:58pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]

aww Thanks for the negative guys!! I know who leaving me message in my lj. Looks like someone needs to grow up and its not me:-D. hmmm where to start. What the fuck ever is going on so let it go. I'm prepared. The shit talking never fucking stops


. I'd rather lose one person that doesn't mean much than to all of you that do. I knew hanging out with Her would put people to think but oh well shes out of the picture thank you. Lisa and I talked we had our great moment in the parking lot:). I love you Lisa! I can't take this fucking shit so Im dipping for now.. Like lisa said when we are all together in a room we fucking laugh and have a good time. The thing about being a sXe police HAHA... Fucking Christ! I'm the least person to mention it thanks. thats was a fantastic one. I'm growing and moving on you learn from your mistakes when you let people fucking run over you always. Have happy lives to whoever is leaving lovely little comments in my journal. Good shows are coming yay! Had fun with Trish last night shit rocked. Chip so nice.

Fucking Goodbye

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yay [11 Dec 2003|10:17pm]

New Layout

fucking hate now:) you fucking rock trish thanks!!!
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Im not a loser.... [11 Dec 2003|07:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So I'm quiting school. Im going to Concorde for Dental Asst. hell yeah Ally makes over $20 an hour Im so for that. No weekends and only days. Last night woo hoo great conversation with a rockn person. You make me smile real big..hehe " Can I float your Boat?" lol New school. Final tomorrow. Went to Disney again Sunday fun times cold as hell. Great night. I love cold weather good DC time:). Things to send places to call oh shit Im gone. Show tomorrow and I see trish Im excited!!! I also got pulled over I got a warning today for my light being out..nice cop

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[06 Dec 2003|06:21pm]
Who's xBloodTearx?? Anyway. I went to Disney woop.. Left work thursday sick hahaha. Friday bought a monroe purse. Drove up with Ally and got a $173 speeding ticket by a woman trooper. Leaving for Disney tomorrow again with Mrs. Ally. Ally is Dana's friend such an amazing person she is. Went shopping with her for some pants. HA were going to match tomorrow. Friday so with Trish and a mini sleep over oh yes. Dana hurt her foot at rocking roller coaster. Gtreat time in disney must I say... fun fun to be had. bye bye
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damn it [04 Dec 2003|12:26am]
New hairCollapse )
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ahhhh [03 Dec 2003|09:37am]
So I need to make a stop at Hollywood hills bcc doesnt have my freaking transcripts:/. I need to be in school. New classes finishing up god yes! Christmas shopping needs to start. I have a new doo for ma huur. Next friday show and a new friend sleeping at me kasa:-D shes nice. Will have fun. Nothing new days are beautiful. headed to lab.

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sucka punch... [01 Dec 2003|07:42am]
[ mood | awake ]

woo wee... So the singer for Sick Of it All got into it with some asshole. Who jumps on stage to fight a singer of the band that everyone is there to see. haha. Crazy I tell yah. Show last night All Hell didnt play. The Hatchet Lady was pretty tight I must say. Fun Fun.. Thanks for hepling me out with my oil problemo Papi Grande...lol
Hit up up peoples Im off tomorrow.


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[27 Nov 2003|08:43pm]
[ mood | full ]

hmmmm...Had dinner with the family today drove out west and sang along Journey with Dana and my Dad. Shows coming up this weekend:)

Love Is Red
Most Precious Blood
The Promise
Sick of It All

Sunday a show at the alley:)

So I fucked up in school cause I was a dumb ass. Well I learned my lesson. I have my family to help me through. I want to take a road trip. I get paid tomorrow and Im still broke. So my dad said he'll co-sign with me for a car hmmm January of February. Finally new wheels. Not alot on my christmas list for this year. sad month coming up..

Man good thanksgiving. Nice time with the family. At home watching movies now "Boat Trip" so cute.

Happy ThanksGiving

See you all saturday.
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[23 Nov 2003|08:27pm]
so I was tired and couldnt go out..go figure. When she says no she means it I tried fuck it.

to much work and more school.
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[22 Nov 2003|10:19am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

such a good show last night. Lots of fun with the friends good footage. times for work:) The girl singer was really good from Hung at Dawn I think they were called. I was liking The Hatchet Lady well done. Target was great. All hell what can you say they bring the fights plus the mosh... good show. yeah the funny part was when the idiot grabbed the mic and said " Listen to Queen and smoke weed." lol fucking idiot everyone just stared.

Fucking asshole! Your making me sick at the moment don't fucking speak to me.

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